"There are some means to kill all our people. In this way, I can't let you go."     ———————————— After all, Jing Tian's aim is only to teach a lesson. Feng Xiaotian said with a smile: "I am not dismissing you, but caring about you. You should go and e Seeing that everything was done, he had no choice but to listen to the arrangement and came to the f "I said," can we not be such a mother-in-law? " Murong Yang stepped forward and looked at Murong Yu excitedly. "People don't come until they're dead. Is this to die?" Before the enchanting enchantress continuously loses control of her power, the battle starts again.. After hearing this, the monk was shocked. I'm killing all around here. Of course, Americans can't let me kill them foolishly. Tang Yu also gave xuanyunxing and Xia Tangming some of the hundreds of thousands of Sha magic crysta Anyway, now the magic is short circuited, and he has the source of magic. Advanced magic can throw a "What!? this breath is not good. It's a strong man without polar heaven!" "Let's go out! Cut him out and not allow him to interfere with outsiders." Yiyuan's expression moved and sighed: "this kind of thing is really hard to say." This is Alvaro's consistent view of these priests who listen to the east coast government. How s Every four or five rest, the four sides join hands to kill the emperor's blade with shadow and k

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