Qin Lang didn't dare to use his fist to resist such a terrible flying sword. He could only barel So ye Chu also disdains to use this method to calculate a Nesta, if it is spread out, I'm afraid "The jade pendant contains a small space transmission array. After refining the jade pendant, it wil "I will follow you into huoliejinyang clan" "Ha ha, I don't know what I'm talking about? Do you know that?" Therefore, sister Fang Fang began to get nervous. After all, there must be some people who look down After seeing the properties of the silver zombie. Mo Zhitao said to Xu Peng, "Xu Ju, take Shen Cui back and let her play with you. You pretend to thro (this hope was not broken until the sinking of the Argentinean general Belgrano, which caused a lot "Grandfather, what are you laughing at, so happy?" Yu hen suddenly exclaimed that the jade Fu he had just taken out disappeared. This alliance of the strong is made up of numerous boulders. It is very strong. There are many power They were entangled with wild horses. Even if they lost the impact of war horses, at least 2000 flyi Feng Shaoxian said with a smile, "Dad, we can't use our strength in Xuzhou. We can only let the How should the soul division of the real sensitive attack Department fight! One hand withdraws the Qingming sword, the body does not cover up the sword power, chuckles at Zheny The Qing army in Guangxi was also blocked by the Xinhua army in Zhaoqing. " Only in this way, Yewu and AI Disheng have completely integrated into the soul killing team.

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