It suddenly occurred to me who was the master's voice. After a while, Zhuo Kun said, "is this the inner space of the six magic soldiers, the super mysterio The little girl came into the room with a stone bowl. It was a thin porridge with some wild vegetabl A Zhu also stepped forward to look at the tattoo on the old man's chest and the wolf head patter According to legend, the demon lord once obtained a whole piece of bamhart gem, also known as the st People under the mountains hold their breath one by one, their eyes twinkle with excitement. "Thank you for your majesty Wenxing longjue..." This support, at least in this era, can not be resisted by any forces. The gravel rolled down and made a loud noise. While the evil spirit was surging, he turned into a sword and whirled around him, shooting at severa People are shocked, even the queen of blood, who has already understood the stillness of time, is no Secondly, the gods and decrees left by the master of Shura road are held in the hands of the old emp At the moment, the king of Shiling clan was forced to step backward, and his body was hidden in the Qianzao group like a deep breath, and then powerless said: "I said right?" Her body was almost stirred up by the king of Qin, and her instinctive reaction to the action of Kin "Let's face your grievances with me after a month." PS: thanks for the 500 of Xuanyuan xiaoguangguang~ Bodhi Pavilion young master and other big eyes looking at Chu Yao, also in this cold current into an

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